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brb crying


brb crying


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Why are scorpios so deeply disturbed? One moment, they are the sweetest & most lively. The next moment, they're so evil & lifeless.



This is a really brilliant question. I’m still pondering this, even as I write. 
The best conclusion that I’ve arrived at is that Scorpios have so much going on in their minds at one time. This probably seems really simple, but let me explain further.
1.) Has your head ever been so full of thoughts that you’ve given yourself a headache? This is how Scorpios feel pretty much all the time. This is why they need alone time. They’re processors; they need alone time to journal and think and get out their weird little theories. Scorpio brains are very intense, calculating, and sometimes scary. These people analyze everything. 
2.) If they don’t get their alone time, they get really “evil and lifeless.” They need quiet, and when they have to be around people too often, they get really grumpy and annoyed. As much as Scorpios love people, they can be walls for them, blocking their creativity. A Scorpio is at their brightest when they’re surrounded by loved ones, and then spend hours alone letting their mind wander and flow. 
3.) I’ve written before about a Scorpio’s negativity. They want to see the world as best as they can, but they’re also obsessed with truth. Scorpios don’t turn a blind eye to the darkness in the world, they look with eyes wide open. They need to brood over their truth and find a balance. They hate people that ignore darkness more than anything, but they also hate themselves for drowning in negativity instead of floating on idealism like other people do. They agree that ignorance is bliss, but they seek understanding, in themselves and in the world.
4.) Scorpios are really moody. Some days I wake up and I’m ready to be a part of the world. Other days I wake up and I glare if someone so much as looks at me. (Hence the url “grumpyscorpio”.) The most wonderful thing about a Scorpio is emotional capacity. The worst thing about a Scorpio is emotional capacity. We have so much room for emotion that it’s just impossible to feel the same every day.
5.) The rumors are true! Scorpios honestly go through a lot in their lifetime. They attract darkness, most likely because they’re best equipped to deal with it. The thing that I love most about myself is that I won’t let myself sink in misery, I will fight and crawl my way out of it, no matter what it takes. Scorpios see a problem and they want to fix it— But that doesn’t mean the problem isn’t there. If you know a Scorpio that’s really moody, they’re probably dealing with a lot of demons. It seems like they’re rude or flaky, but they’re really just trying to deal with things as best as they can. I’ve noticed that Scorpios don’t get openly angry like an Aries or upset like a Cancer, but we do get kind of irritable, snappy, and withdrawn. 
6.) I feel the need to acknowledge the “evil” part. Scorpios aren’t evil. They’re scared. Scorpio suns respond to fear and sadness with anger. They’re agitated by the vulnerability and find themselves lashing out. They believe that they are toxic and want to withdraw themselves from everybody to keep them safe. They have the weight of the world on their shoulders, and they want to know if anyone else is feeling like they do. They want to know that they’re not alone. Sometimes they can manipulate others and make them angry or upset simply because this, for a moment in time, relieves their feeling of isolation. They crave the feeling of normalcy, although over time they will realize that there isn’t such a thing as normalcy. It’s pretty twisted, but there is a reason behind every Scorpio’s evil actions. 

I hope this helps! I really enjoy digging into a Scorpio’s psychology… I wish I could write this more eloquently, but I truly hope it helps you understand Scorpios a little bit more!